Over the past nine months, companies have been challenged with navigating the contours of an ever changing new normal. We have witnessed companies scramble to survive, pivoting amidst a changing world order. The COVID-19 pandemic pushed socio-economic inequalities like those of race, income, gender, and health access and outcomes to the forefront of social consciousness, highlighting that we have an opportunity to embark on a true transformation. A transformation that involves solving big problems through innovation, the lens of our values, and collaboration through both the private and public sector. 

As we transition into 2021, we will see companies take steps towards this transformation, using strategies that consciously shape our future instead of just surviving the immediate present. The NBR team sought to develop such strategies across myriad industries. Our articles on supply chains and the emerging area of Behavioural Operations Research seek to address the heightened need for resilient and informed operations. 

We highlight the paths that restaurants and regional soccer teams can carve to thrive through the ongoing transition, rooted in embracing the catalytic rise of digital. Innovation is also discussed broadly in our profile of UBC Sauder Alumni driving momentum within Western Canada’s startup ecosystem and in discussion of diversity in venture capital. We also propose a strategy Apple can champion to increase gender diversity in tech. 

Special thanks are given to our UBC Sauder Faculty and Content advisors, partners such as the Commerce Undergraduate Society, and others who have helped make NBR’s first year and this Issue successful. Lastly, I would like to thank you, the reader, for your continued support. I hope this issue inspires and encourages you to recognize how you can use your creativity and values to shape the post-COVID-19 eras.


Saavin Lidder

Founder, Editor-in-Chief