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Note from Editor-in-Chief

NBR's Editor in Chief's foreword for the Spring 2021 issue

What EDI Means For The Next Generation of Workers

Rethinking common EDI strategies and its importance to the next generation of workers

From Chopping Block to Table: How Canadian Restaurants Can Survive a Global Pandemic

Four strategies that restaurants should use to overcome pandemic constraints and grow revenue

Western Canada's Budding Innovation Economy

NBR sits down with Rhino Ventures, Thinkific, and Klue

It's Not Fair: Why the LSAT Should Not Be the Only Path to Law School

Law schools should accept multiple standardized tests to improve law school admissions standardized testing market

The EFL Championship League: Bringing Matchday Home

Clubs should enhance the at-home fan experience through a digital fan club ambassador program

Behind Blockchain: Creating Sustainable Supply Chains for the Next Global Crisis

Why companies must build more transparent and resilient supply chains using Blockchain

Interview with Meredith Powell

NBR sits down with the former CMO of Microsoft for Startups and current Voyager Capital Venture Partner

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